The Preacher is Dead

‘Tis not God who is dead, but rather the man who claims to know him better than you.

Today we put to rest an anguished spirit. Who will miss him most, I cannot say. His fate could not have changed directions for his death had long since formulated itself within the seed of his birth. Lowering him into the chasm of obsolescence, we bid final farewell to the lonely man behind the pulpit.

The vacancy atop the proverbial podium will remain. One cannot simply refill a role that need no longer exist. Who would pay him? In dollars, pounds, or even with their attention? For as long as humans have had a spirit, they have loathed any man who tells them what to do. They have tolerated it up until now for one reason or another, none of which matter, but they have since cast aside any remaining desire to be led – in favor of a superseding need to explore the world for themselves.

To some, it seems risky at first to trust the inner heart, the inner voice, the inborn nature of instinct. Who will we blame when things go wrong? (And they will go wrong from time to time, of that I can attest!) My response is this: Who have you blamed up until now? Your mother? Your father? Your spouse? Your teachers? Your boss? God? And if so, what good has placing the blame done for you? If you’re anything like me, it hasn’t done much good at all. No matter who I ever call to blame for the stink in the room, I’m nonetheless the one standing dead center, holding onto the wretched bag of shit. And therefore, I’m always the one who has to get rid of it.

No preacher steers my ship. I wouldn’t dare let him near the wheel. Neither would I let my parents, my siblings, my mentors, nor my employers. Who then steers my ship? The answer may seem more complex than it really is. At first glance, you might say that it’s the wind and the waves. If you look closer, you might say it’s the constellations. Closer still, and you might claim it is the wisdom passed down through the ages that ultimately leads me to dry land. I won’t deny any of those things. For me to claim that my decisions aren’t shaped by the world around me would put me firmly in the denier’s seat. But that doesn’t change the fact that I remain firmly planted behind the wheel. To abandon my post would not only be irresponsible. It would be disastrous.

There is no room in my life for a preacher. And I have no desire to be a preacher in the life of another. I absorb the wisdom of the ages, bequeathed to us all by generations of determined spirits who have gone before us. I keep myself abreast on the sea of information that is the digital age. I attend yoga class, and glean bits of tried and true advice from my teachers. But above all, I follow the tireless guide of my inner spirit. For I know no better direction than that of the moral compass within.

From one happy explorer to another, be well on your journey.



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