The Magic of Walking…Pennies from Heaven

For as long as I’ve had challenges, I’ve reasoned that walking is the best way to solve them. Putting one foot in front of the other does more to stimulate my problem solving capabilities than coffee and Candy Crush combined. Seriously…walking works!

Today I woke up with the challenge of how to start my next book looming over my head. Fortunately, I wasn’t starting totally from scratch – I had a rough framework built, but no solid foundation. Nonetheless, my head was a jumble of ideas, and I needed to straighten some things out.

Time to head out on a walk!

The Las Vegas August morning was somewhat accommodating: only a hundred degrees and partly cloudy. I’ll take it! It beats trudging through rain, sleet, or snow. All I had to do was put on my cap, and I was good to go!

Not five hundred feet from my door, I looked down to see a gently folded dollar bill hanging tight against the stark white curb of the sidewalk. There wasn’t the slightest hint of a breeze to blow it away. The money was mine for the taking! I stooped down to retrieve it, partly suspicious that it might have been a trick. Thankfully, I found no strings attached. In less than two seconds, that crisp and brand new one dollar bill was tucked into the side pocket of my oversized basketball shorts (they’re as ridiculously comfy as they are ridiculously looking), and I carried on along my fortunate and merry way.

Did I feel at all guilty?

Maybe momentarily. Money doesn’t grow on trees, or curbs for that matter. That dollar rightly belonged to someone. And I promise, cross my heart, had someone, anyone, been standing around claiming it was theirs, I’d have handed it over gladly, no questions asked. But it was just little ol’ me. Not a single other soul around (I suppose I was the only one who thought it nice weather for a leisurely summer stroll). If the money didn’t go into my pocket, it would surely go in the wallet of the next passerby. So I thanked God for the happy occurrence, patted my pocket, and reasoned to spend it on something noble…not like candy, soda or lottery tickets. But something decent…like a half gallon of almond milk!

I instantly felt better about myself, and the whole ordeal reminded me how I used to look for pennies on the ground. Never as a means to get rich. But rather as a way to identify the proper path. I reasoned that if God put little tiny kisses of money on the road ahead of me, I had proof that the road I headed down was the one I was meant to follow. Now I know what you’re thinking…sometimes the road to a proverbial hell is lined with all sorts of enticing riches! But not pennies. Pennies are innocent and the bearers of good luck, not the work of the devil!

Now take in account inflation, and the same thing can also be said of dollar bills.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So anyways, I thought, how about I look for pennies on this walk! If whenever I have an idea about how my book should go, and I find a penny at the same time, I’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’m on the right trail. Easy breezy. Lord knows that with my expert penny-hunting skills, I could potentially have this entire book written in the course of a few hours!

Well wouldn’t you know…not a half minute later did I look in front of me to see a second dollar bill (count that as 100 more little guys) folded just like the first, this time tucked between some dried up weeds. Hot diggity! My next book was practically two thirds of the way done and I had only barely begun my walk!

Well, not exactly. But I’ll be the first to say that finding free money is a great way to get the mental energy flowing. And on a quiet, sunny walk no less! By the time I got home, I was so ready to get cracking on this thing, that I…

…found myself writing this blog instead.

Ain’t nothing wrong with taking walks, finding money, smelling roses…and writing updates. I’ll begin the actual writing next. Promise, cross my heart…as soon I get that almond milk!

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