Roses on Clearance!

I knew I’d find the perfect thing to spend my newfound $2 on. (If you’re scratching your head about the small sum of money, click here.) A quick trip to the grocery store for some potatoes, apples, and bananas led me to a fantastic find too good to pass up.

Dozens of fresh roses, each bouquet on clearance for the unheard of price of $2.99!

And with a spare two bucks floating in my pocket, it was like they were really $1.99. Needless to say, I passed on the almond milk and opted instead for the instant beautification of my living room. Living Room Flowers

If  anyone loves buying himself flowers, it’s this blogger right here! I’m a complete fanatic when it comes to roses. I’d grow them myself, in fact I’ve tried numerous times, but the results have only made me a rose murderer. (By the way, if anyone has tips on growing amazing rose bushes in the Mojave desert, please comment below. It’s about time to let the uninformed in on your little secret.)

Thankfully, the flowers I just picked up are safe and sound. The grand bouquet, composed of two dozen roses with some lilies thrown in for fun, is currently bathing in a vase of ice water. Stephen says they like it cold, which, now that I think about it, might be why I’ve witnessed hundreds of dollars worth of rose bushes go up in virtual flames in my backyard. Personally, I like the heat. Maybe it’s all the hot yoga going to my head, but the thought of an ice bath makes my skin crawl.

However, if they like it cold, they’re gonna stay cold. I want every last penny’s worth of color and beauty out of those bargain basement roses.

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