Cover Design For Aurora Electric

After weeks and weeks of deliberation and countless hours of rearranging, adjusting, scrapping, and starting all over again, I finally have a cover I’m 100% satisfied with.

Aurora Electric is my debut novel, the first in a fast-paced sci-fi trilogy that recounts the journey of a mechanical child through the streets of Las Vegas.

In 2049, the world watches in wide-eyed wonder as eight-year-old Aurora commits feats that most of us can only dream of. Whether outpacing her enemies at lightning speed, swimming through deadly waters, or deactivating ticking time bombs, no challenge thwarts her. But as everyone’s curiosity about her grows, she finds herself dangling from the edge of a slowly turning wheel of suspense. Can she maintain the secret of her true inner workings? Is she capable of embodying life as a real human? Or do overreaching authorities have bigger plans in store for her?

Continue following my website for the latest on the upcoming release of Aurora Electric.

The official Cover of Aurora Electric

The official Cover of Aurora Electric


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