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I’m Daniel K. James. And if I haven’t already had the pleasure and privilege of meeting you…Hello! How great that you’ve found me here! I firmly believe that I exist because of you. No, really. It’s true. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be here either. So…thank you.

I spend most of my time dreaming up fantasies…whole worlds that are prettier, if not more agreeable, than the one I’m told I was born into. The wonderful thing about my imaginary universe is that it’s just as every bit as real, difficult though it may be to comprehend. But that’s where our delightful exchange comes into play. You see, my mission is to bring this uncharted realm, the one I see so clearly when I close my eyes, into the everyday…so that maybe you might see it as well.

Kind of fabulous, isn’t it?

Now what makes my mission so spectacular? It’s hardly unique. And that’s the whole point!  I’ve got more than just a hunch that the journey I’m on has a lot to do with the one that you find yourself on as well. I’ve met enough people throughout my life thus far to know that I’m not alone when I dream. There are thousands, perhaps millions, dreaming right alongside me as I write this sentence. And these secret worlds we experience when we find the time and quiet space to explore them become the potential backdrop for something even more remarkable…our future.


Daniel K. James is a futurist, author, musician, piano teacher, yogi, pole dancer, and passionate health guru. He has an unmistakable penchant for learning and expanding the boundaries of his fervent imagination. A proud resident of Las Vegas, NV, he shares a home with his amazing partner Stephen and their dog Sebastian. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and playing Scrabble…and he loves loves loves riding new roller coasters.logo-photo-original