The Lackluster Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a tired old thing that should be laid to rest. I said I’d do it, and some of you didn’t believe me. Last week in my previous blog, I announced that I’d boldly challenge the rule of rules, the law that allegedly trumps all others, the law we’ve blindly followed for…

Forgiveness is Bullsh!t

Forgiveness. It’s utter bullshit.   There. I said it. You can hold the applause.   If you believe in forgiveness, I’ll be the first to tell you that you’ve needlessly bought into a concept that has made innumerable self-help gurus and talk-show hosts rich at the shameless expense of our limitless gullibility. To uphold forgiveness…

The Preacher is Dead

‘Tis not God who is dead, but rather the man who claims to know him better than you. Today we put to rest an anguished spirit. Who will miss him most, I cannot say. His fate could not have changed directions for his death had long since formulated itself within the seed of his birth….

Aurora Electric in Paperback is Here!

I’m excited to announce that the wait for a hard copy version of Aurora Electric is over. I received a preliminary test shipment of the first ten copies four days ago. They were all spoken for before they even arrived at my house. Needless to say, I immediately placed an order for forty more copies….

The Brambles: A Parable

Life doesn’t begin in the spring. We’re born into autumn, and if we’re lucky, we’ll one day make it through to eternal summer. My fondest memories growing up involve the fallen leaves. I can still smell their bittersweet perfume, the scent they make when they’re wet with dew and trapped beneath two feet of a…